Our Mission

Sustainable production and trade through adoption of organic practices and fair trade for sustained well-being of farmers.

Our Goal

Improved socio-economic condition of the small farmers through environment friendly organic production practices and institutionalized collection, processing and marketing by producers’ cooperatives with emphasis on development of fair-trade coffee value chain.


  • Support to increase the production and productivity of organic coffee in the districts suitable for growing coffee.
  • Improve the quality and organic integrity of Nepali coffee
  • Organizational capacity building of the coffee producers’ groups, primary cooperatives and coffee cooperative unions in the districts, Central Coffee Cooperative Union at the national level.
  • Take initiative to promote fair-trade in production, processing and marketing of coffee.
  • Establish marketing platform to promote Nepali coffee among coffee consumers and link cooperatives with national and international buyers/traders.
  • Establish cupping lab to evaluate/study the quality of coffee produced in Nepal.
  • Make available technical services/expertise to coffee stakeholders as and when demanded/needed.

Major Activities

  • Organizational capacity building of coffee producers’ cooperatives.
  • Support to increase productivity/production and quality of coffee.
  • Support establishment of institutionalized collection/processing units.
  • Internal control system implementation and organic certification of grower groups.
  • Introduction of fair trade concept by institutionalizing collection, processing and marketing through coffee producer's cooperative.
  • Training and development of local resource persons in the coffee growing districts.
  • Development of training manuals as well as guidelines for organic certification and quality improvement.
  • Relief support in Sindhupalchok.
  • Coffee marketing platform establishment at Central level including establishment of cupping laboratory.

Major Supporters

Other Supporters